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Red Door Life was founded in 2005 to improve the recovery outcomes for people suffering from substance use disorders and mental health issues. Our founders are a technology entrepreneur and a licensed clinician with trauma expertise who had worked in the treatment industry for 20 years. 


We are fed up with the broken system of addiction and mental health treatment services.  The treatment industry is plagued by an antiquated care model, emulating a car wash mentality.  Treatment centers provide intensive services for thirty, sixty, or ninety days only to have a majority of people relapse on discharge and continue to suffer with mental health issues.   


The car wash model does not work! At Red Door Life, we've redesigned our model of care to be a partnership between our clients and their professional advisors and clinicians.  We do not require thirty, sixty, or ninety days of residential care where our clients are isolated from their loved ones, careers, and lifestyle.  Instead we offer flexible lengths of care, a system of continual learning between the client and their team, and an abundance of engaging groups, activities, and adventures. 


We partner with our clients on their journey of recovery.  We provide comprehensive services that support and foster the health of our customers. We offer a variety of treatments, classes and services to improve and help clients maintain their optimal health. Whether you are seeking detox, residential, experiencing pain or simply want to improve your physical and mental fitness, Red Door Life provides the resources to do so in a healing and friendly environment.

Licensed & Accredited 

HCS California Department of Health Care Services


Educated by the American Society of Addiction Medicine
Accredited by the Joint Commission


Red Door Life About Us Page


Our mission at Red Door Life is to offer a combination of individualized, holistic, and long-term recovery services tailored to the needs of each client. We assist our clients in understanding how to integrate recovery into their chosen way of life. We offer support and assistance to our Client’s family members when requested or needed.


Our team members are committed to excellence of care in a supportive and comfortable environment. We understand how essential it is for each client to have their own recovery program focused on their specific needs. We vary the time and length of treatment based on the background of
each client. We hope that each Client that participates in our program finds passion, purpose, productivity, and recovery.

Entrance to our Residential Detox and Sober Living Facility

Our Team

Dedication. Expertise. Purpose.

Red Door Life's Team of over 70+ Members is made up of diverse experience and industry sector expertise - well beyond the status quo

Alex Shohet headshot 9-2023.jpg

Co-Founder & CEO



Charles Cook

Program Director

Charles Cook

Kyle Kverne

House Management

Kyle Kverne

Drew Schwierman

Communications Director

Drew Schwierman

Michael Silberman

Exec. VP & CFO

Michael Silberman


Chief Operating Officer

Gilan Killebrew

Matthew Meakin

Director of Companion Services

Matthew Meakin

Paul Hancock

Business Development, Sales and Marketing, Outreach



BERNIE 1.png

Co-Founder & Primary Therapist

Bernadine Fried

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Danny Suazo

Lead Recovery Partner

Danny Suazo

    Bianca Fisher

    Lead Client Advocate

    Bianca Fisher


      Exceptional Advocate



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      Dr. Mark Honzel

      Medical Director

      Dr. Mark Honzel

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      Chandler Kirkwood

      Events Director

      Chandler Kirkwood

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      Creative Director

      Padhia Hutton

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      Remarkable Recovery Partner



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