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At home or at our center, we provide medically supervised detoxification services along with other types of care plans.

At Red Door Life, our team has decades of experience helping people detoxify comfortably and safely.

Red Door Life’s medical director is Dr. Mark R. Honzel, the owner of MRH Medical Group in Beverly Hills, California.  Dr. Honzel specializes in addiction, HIV, and internal medicine.  Dr. Honzel is Board-certified in Addiction Medicine and graduated in the top 1% of his class from the University of Iowa in 1982.  Dr. Honzel is in long-term recovery from his substance use disorder, displayed by his deep commitment and compassion for his clients undergoing detoxification.  Dr. Honzel has robust medical knowledge and skills and the ability to communicate effectively, empathize with patients, act ethically, and work collaboratively.

Dr. Honzel will evaluate your overall health, medical history and conditions, and substance use severity and duration as part of your assessment.  Based on your evaluation, the doctor will advise you on your location options, including Red Door Life’s center in Bel Air, CA, your home, a hotel, a rental unit, or a hospital.  Based on your assessment, most detoxes will vary from three to ten days.

At the end of the detox process, we strongly suggest individuals continue ongoing care, including counseling, medication-assisted treatment, wellness services, and support groups.  The following pages describe some of Red Door Life’s optional services.

We provide telehealth and in-person groups and individual services that address trauma, addiction, relationships, coping skills, somatic experiencing, Yoga, fitness, meditation, entrepreneurship, recreation, and cultural and community activities. 

Our center in Bel Air, California, has team members who are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, support and have access to Dr. Mark Honzel and his staff by mobile phone and text.

Licensed & Accredited 
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