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Alex Shohet

Co- Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Alex Shohet is the CEO and co-founder of Red Door Life, a company and treatment center focused on the latest advancements in substance abuse and mental health treatment, mental health issues, and incorporating individualized, innovative wellness solutions that improve recovery outcomes.​​​

​​Experience and Commitment

With over 30 years of experience in the substance abuse treatment and recovery industry, Alex is an entrepreneur committed to creating impactful solutions for substance abuse, mental health issues, trauma and improving recovery outcomes. He believes passionately in human potential and is committed to developing methodologies and protocols that help clients evolve into healthy, successful, flourishing humans. His work at Red Door Life emphasizes community, holistic wellness, entrepreneurship, and the latest evidence-based recovery practices to improve sustainability. He is passionate about helping clients transform their lives through individualized services and innovative, comprehensive, and compassionate care.

Founding Red Door Life

Frustrated with the antiquated and ineffective mainstream models of addiction and mental health treatment, Alex Shohet and Berni Fried co-founded Red Door Life to revolutionize the methodology for treating substance abuse and addiction. At Red Door Life, he has developed and champions a flexible, individualized, holistic, client-centered approach that fosters ongoing collaboration between clients and professionals, replacing the outdated "car wash model" with a proprietary system he has developed called the 12 dimensions of Human Health and Wellness.  The broken system needed to be addressed and part of Alex's passion is to create treatment centers that directly combat these issues.  Mental health & substance abuse issues are not binary or linear and they need constant updating and a fresh holistic approach.  

The 12 Dimensions of Human Health & Wellness

Using an attachment-based approach, the 12 Dimensions of Human Health & Wellness partners each client with a Client Advocate who walks with them on their journey to recovery. Rather than pathologizing the client, the client and their Advocate look at the 12 defining aspects that comprise one’s life to determine the areas that need support or are causing dysregulation and then they collaborate to create a wrap-around team of multi-disciplinary support. This team adapts continuously as the client’s needs change.

Beyond Sobriety to Life Transformation

This is just one of the many ways Alex Shohet and Red Door Life take the conversation further – from sobriety to life transformation. The Red Door Life methodology relies on continuous learning, engaging activities, the power of support and community, fostering entrepreneurship, harm reduction, and adaptable care to support sustainable recovery and mental well-being.

The Evergreen Fund

Alex is also the CEO of the Evergreen Fund, a California 501c3 charitable organization. Evergreen Fund is the parent organization to many innovative treatment and recovery solution companies and initiatives. These include an acute treatment center, a sober living center, and a global consultancy on substance abuse methodologies. Additionally, it encompasses a technology company that leverages the power of AI to help prevent overdose deaths and suicide, a sober companion training program, and an incubator for entrepreneurs, businesses, and start-ups. These initiatives aim to improve treatment outcomes for mental health issues and support the recovery community.



Psychology Today





For Alex Shohet, mental health and addiction treatment and recovery involves moving away from traditional, ineffective, one-size-fits-all models that isolate individuals and provide only short-term care and then leave a client to fend for themselves back in the environment that was making them sick in the first place. He champions connection- a flexible, client-centered approach that promotes continuous learning and collaboration between clients and their professional clinicians. This approach not only includes cutting-edge clinical and holistic methodologies but also engaging activities and sober-world rediscovery adventures, cultivating entrepreneurship, and allowing individuals to maintain their connections to loved ones, careers, and lifestyles while receiving treatment. Alex emphasizes sustained recovery and overall well-being through an attachment-based, partnership model that supports clients holistically even as they transition past residential care, and adapts as their lives change, and as new life events arise.


Red Door Life is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to advancing care models through the latest research, technology, and extensive professional experience. We provide holistic, individualized treatment and recovery services, leveraging decades of expertise in trauma, mental health, substance abuse, and entrepreneurship. Our care model empowers clients with a customized wrap-around multidisciplinary team, including medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, life coaches, spiritual guides (if preferred) peer counselors, holistic facilitators for personal training, massage, breathwork, bodywork, reiki, acupuncture, sound healing, and anything else that might be of interest or benefit to the client, as well as sober companion services to prevent disconnection during crises or times when life requires one to be away from residential care.

We offer flexible services based on our client's needs rather than a pre-determined length of stay, integrating recovery into clients' lifestyles with harm reduction protocols, sober companions, medically assisted detox, trauma-informed clinicians & holistic wellness providers, and IOP services, all tailored to each individual's needs.


Red Door Life employs evidence-based practices to support holistic and individualized recovery journeys. Our approach includes harm reduction, trauma-informed care, community support, and integration across The 12 Dimensions of Human Health & Wellness. Clients receive weekly personalized schedules created collaboratively with their dedicated Client Advocates, ensuring tailored care and progress. The model consists of flexible, client-centered treatment that includes medically assisted detox, residential care, cutting-edge modalities- both clinical and holistic, wellness activities, sober companion services, entrepreneurship, coaching, and a robust community- all aiming to integrate recovery into clients' lifestyles seamlessly… because recovery is a lifestyle.


Alex Shohet has a special way of perceiving all human beings. His first concern is that of compassion and connection- “How can I establish a connection with this suffering person, on their terms, and how can I maintain it?”  He believes that disconnection is the primary driver for overdose, suicide, and situations that create more trauma. He believes in “undoing the aloneness”, which has led to Red Door Life’s emphasis on community and its unique attachment-based model. He also doesn’t pathologize or see a person as their symptoms. He believes in looking deeper into one’s story- their history and life’s circumstances to figure out what is causing the surface symptoms or the driving the urge for substance abuse. He believes with the right unconditional support; life transformation is possible. In looking beyond a person’s symptoms or whatever they have been labeled with, he is always struck by their gifts and their potential. This becomes his focus in all his interactions with Red Door Life clients- treating each individual as beautifully, uniquely gifted, and full of potential and hope.

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