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Hi Friend, I’m Red! 
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I’m on the journey of recovery from substance abuse and trauma. I stumble sometimes just like everyone! But I believe in the biggest, brightest vision of my life and I want to share all my adventures and especially my unique learnings that come from inside the very special and innovative space of Red Door Life, with you.


Our newsletter is full of interesting perspectives on recovery and trauma healing that you won't find anywhere else! I also always ask the community a question and I share some answers in the following edition so that we can share knowledge and insight.

And perhaps most exciting is Red's Goodies- my special curation of entertaining, inspiring, insightful, hilarious, intriguing, and useful things that will expand your world! This section is my favorite because I know how small our world can become when we struggle with addiction and trauma… our lenses narrow, and we tend to ruminate on difficult thoughts. I hope my Red’s Goodies section will be a nice respite for you from everything going on in our stress-fueled worlds.

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