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Charles Cook

Program Director

Charles has spent the last ten years working as a Registered Addiction Specialist in addiction and mental health wellness. Positions included; Resident Manager at Promises Treatment Center, Recovery Coach at Reconnect Trauma Center, Group Facilitator, Sober Companion, Case Manager, Recovery & Life Coach, Sober Living Program Manager, and Meditation Mentor. Applying his training in addiction counseling, DBT Skills, Motivational Interviewing, Vipassana Meditation, Core Values, and Goal Setting, as well as his personal recovery experience, Charles has developed a philosophy of connection vs. control in working one on one with clients. He believes that providing a safe, reliable, and secure base affords the most effective opportunity to support clients on their path toward self-actualization. Charles took on the role of Program Director at Red Door Life in October of 2022, focusing on maintaining the values of Community, Secure Attachment, Diversity, Inclusivity, and Individualised Support while solidifying systems regarding facilities, staffing, clinical programming, and meaningful interventions. 

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