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At Red Door Life, we treat more than just substance abuse and surface-level symptoms, we help our clients transform their lives. Through compassion and individualized care, we partner with our clients to help them uncover the deeper roots of their struggles and truly heal. Red Door Life is more than just a treatment center, we also foster entrepreneurship and support recovery by helping our clients integrate into a safe, supportive, and uplifting community. At Red Door Life we are committed to helping our clients not only overcome substance abuse but also unlock their true potential and create fulfilling lives.  


My life has immensely improved and my understanding of my Self has deepened. I still have lots of work to do but Red Door Life got me from literally walking around the streets at 3 AM doing meth in the middle of the night and thinking that the CIA was after me, to living not only in reality but thriving and having a genuine interest in taking care of myself, fitness, nutrition, building healthy relationships, finding purpose and employment that can support my recovery and also a genuine interest in finding my creativity again and creative self. Red Door Life has made me hopeful about life again. I no longer feel like what is the point of all this but now I’m like how can I participate?

I'm sober and have experienced the longest period of sobriety in my adult life. I found a job I enjoy and people that I call community. Addiction is a fight we can't manage on our own. Red Door Life gave me tools to fight that fight every day and I'm forever grateful. I also built a community there and that's something I plan to stay plugged in with for a long time.

I have become more centered and in touch with Self. For the first time in 30 years, I have been able to quiet my mind and listen to my body for guidance and answers. This place is not for you if you are looking for a quick fix /detox to get back to your “normal life.” This place is for those who want to give serious investment into their own recovery and self-actualization.

Ask those of us who have experienced the magic that is this place. Come to a Sunday Dinner (every Sunday at 5:30 PM and open to all) and see what we're talking about when we say we are a community. My goal in life would be to one day be able to pay back to the world the amount of kindness and care Red Door Life has shown me but thanks to the work I've done here, I can start by showing that kindness to myself. That might be the cheesiest thing anyone's ever written but I swear to God it's the truth :0).


Red Door Life made me feel loved, welcomed, appreciated, and a part of life. Red Door Life never gave up on me or lost hope when I would have slip-ups or not be able to commit to my recovery. They continued to believe in me and helped remove a lot of the shame that came with being an addict and struggling with my mental health. From teaching me about self-compassion improving my ability to form relationships and also getting to participate in events out in the community with other clients, I learned how to enjoy sobriety and begin the journey back to finding myself. My true self. Also, I was able to utilize the Red Door Life gym and pole fitness and yoga which has been so helpful. I am so grateful for Red Door Life.

My experience at Red Door Life was life-changing and exactly the spiritual healing that I needed. It gave me a safe place to come down from a destructive episode of addiction and allowed me to learn the tools for lasting sobriety. Today, I have more than half a year sober which is the longest length of time I've had in decades. I continue to stay connected with Red Door Life and have built a community there.

Red Door Lifewas the first treatment center that gave me the space, support, and freedom to actually work on myself. They helped me treat me. Not just my addiction.

As someone who has been to over a dozen treatment centers and has experienced every form of therapy possible, I was hesitant that Red Door Life was going to be more of the same. I was so pleasantly surprised at how non-conventional their treatment approach has been. The tools they have provided through their unending compassionate support have allowed me to gain stable footing as I traverse the road of recovery ahead of me.


As someone who has traversed the often overwhelming landscape of substance use and mental health treatment, my journey has led me through numerous high-end facilities, some costing as much as $80,000 per month. However, no experience has come close to matching the exceptional care and quality I found at Red Door Life.

From the moment I arrived, I was embraced by a community that truly understands and cares. The visionary owners, Alex Shohet and Berni Fried, have created an environment that is both welcoming and healing. Their dedication to fostering a safe space for all individuals is evident in every aspect of the facility. They have crafted a haven where everyone, especially those from the LGBTQIA+ community like myself, can feel understood, respected, and represented.

The compassionate staff at Red Door Life are second to none. Program Director Charles Cook, along with the entire team, made me feel seen and heard in ways I had never experienced before. They took the time to listen to my story, understand my unique needs, and develop a customized care plan that allowed me to delve deep into decades of trauma and begin the healing process.

Unlike other treatment centers that often offer a one-size-fits-all approach, Red Door Life tailors their programs to the individual. This personalized attention is what sets them apart. They don’t just focus on short-term recovery; they are committed to supporting clients through every stage of their journey, ensuring that no one feels abandoned when times get tough.

At Red Door Life, the holistic approach to treatment addresses every facet of recovery. They seamlessly blend traditional therapeutic practices with innovative treatments, providing a comprehensive path to wellness. This integrative approach helped me rebuild not only my mental health but also my sense of self-worth and confidence.

The staff's unwavering support and dedication made all the difference. Every team member, from therapists to support staff, went above and beyond to ensure my comfort and progress. Their genuine care and empathy created an atmosphere where I could be vulnerable and open, which was crucial for my healing.

Red Door Life is not just a treatment center; it is a community of hope and transformation. They have redefined what it means to provide substance use and mental health treatment. Their commitment to excellence, personalized care, and unwavering support is unparalleled.

I cannot and will not ever recommend Red Door Life enough. If you are seeking a place where you will be truly seen, heard, and understood, look no further. Red Door Life is a beacon of hope and a testament to what compassionate, visionary care can achieve. My life has been forever changed by my time there, and for that, I am eternally grateful.  -SP


Choosing Red Door Life Treatment Center was a life-changing decision. From my very first day, their unique approach to individualized care created a warm and welcoming environment that played a crucial role in my recovery from crystal meth addiction. At Red Door, every aspect of the treatment is tailored to meet personal needs and heal the root causes of addiction.

The team at Red Door is exceptional. Charles and Monique stood out for their deep commitment to personal healing. Their compassion and understanding helped me navigate the complexities of my addiction, providing the support I needed to heal physically, mentally, and emotionally. Including the 12 Step Program in my recovery plan further enhanced my journey, offering a structured and supportive pathway to sobriety.

The grounds of the treatment center, meticulously maintained by Kyle and RJ, are nothing short of breathtaking. The serene and beautifully landscaped gardens provided a perfect, peaceful backdrop for reflection and recovery. The views from the facility are stunning, contributing to a sense of tranquility that promotes healing.

Safety and security are paramount at Red Door, and I always felt completely safe within their care. This sense of security allowed me to focus entirely on my recovery without any external worries.

I give Red Door Life Treatment Center a 5 out of 5 stars for their outstanding care, beautiful environment, and their unwavering commitment to helping individuals like myself reclaim their lives.

Thank you, Red Door, for giving me and my husband a new beginning. And for allowing our dogs to join us in our treatment journey.   -FD


The two founders of Red Door Life(the excellent sober living where my daughter has been living for 6 months) - Bernadine Fried (therapist) and her husband, Alex Shohet - are the real thing.  They know their business and run a tight ship (in contrast to many out here in Los Angeles who seem more interested in the revenue stream than client recovery).


I have the utmost confidence in Berni's and Alex's ability to provide superb recovery services and help save the lives of many future generations of addicts who wish to recover. There is no individual in the field of addiction treatment (or outside it) who will not be impressed by their dedication, conscientious approach, and wealth of knowledge and experience.


Warm regards, Deborah O. 


Extraordinary Red Door Life! Red Door Life has been a transformative experience for my 26-year-old son, following the tragic loss of his best friend and younger brother. After trying several prestigious rehabs that fell far short of addressing Mark's trauma and substance abuse, we were losing hope. Red Door Life, however, cracked the code with their personalized and heart-centered approach.

The staff at Red Door Life is exceptional. They took the time to understand Mark's unique needs and challenges, tailoring a program specifically for him. Their dedication, compassion, and expertise were evident from the very first day. Unlike other places, where Mark felt like just another number, Red Door Life made him feel seen, heard, and valued.

The trauma-healing work they did with Mark was nothing short of miraculous. Their holistic methods and innovative therapies addressed not only his substance abuse but also the deep-rooted pain and grief he was carrying. The support and care he received were unparalleled, and the results speak for themselves. Mark is now on a path of recovery and renewal that we never thought possible.

Many, many thanks to the incredible team at Red Door Life. You have given Mark, and our family, a second chance at life. We will forever be grateful for the extraordinary care and support you have provided. -DR


Red Door Life has been a safe haven for me since I met the owners and fellows two years ago. Through my time at Red Door Life I have been able to work on lifelong trauma, and underlying issues that manifested my substance abuse - all while becoming close to the community at large. Red Door offers a unique experience to an addict, as the heart of the cause is centered around community.


After living at various sober livings in Florida and watching my friends die after getting kicked out of treatment if they slipped, Red Door Life’s model of harm reduction saves lives. The owners and the community meet you where you are at and focus on individualized care to help everyone with their personal boundaries, struggles, and obstacles.


I am very grateful for Berni Fried, Alex Shohet and the full staff of Red Door Life for constantly picking me up when I have been down.



Red Door Life offers the world's best treatment because it refuses to follow traditional treatment protocols.

Traditional approaches fail at an alarming rate.

Committed to innovation, testing, and proving the impossible in substance and mental health recovery, Red Door Life is the only treatment system that stops at nothing to help its clients. Anything or any combination of things could work for an individual and they will leave no stone unturned. If help is possible they will find it.

No place is a guarantee, but your chances go way up at Red Door Life. Blending 30+ years of experience with a relentless passion for individualized results, this team never gives up on anyone. Their core model centers around life-long connection; the evidence is its vibrant alumni community, its shining star.

I am a proud client of Red Door Life, where I received trauma treatment after the loss of my son four years ago and later for putting alcohol permanently behind me.

My standards are as high as they come, and I remain blown away by the leadership, staff, and vision for growth so they can offer more help to more people.

My name, my brand, and my gratitude extend to Red Door Life.

Liz Rhodes


I’ve been involved with the Red Door team since September of 2018. I greatly appreciate their efforts and experience in assisting my daughter in her recovery from her addiction. My daughter has struggled with addiction for the last 19 years.  We set up a trust for my daughter last year.  Alex understands budgets, life skills, and has been helpful in working with my daughter’s trust manager and me.  


Bernadine Fried and Alex Shohet’s have tremendous experience in the treatment of addiction and mental health disorders.  Both Alex and Berni are accessible, compassionate, and knowledgeable. Without a doubt, I would recommend Red Door Life to any prospective person.  


Please feel free to contact me by asking Alex to give you my contact information.  I’d be happy to expand on my recommendation.


Best wishes, MJS


Lord, lord, lord,  where do I even begin!? Gratitude man! PURE HEARTFELT GRATITUDE!!! That’s literally all I can think of right now! Alex Shohet, Berni Fried, and Charles Cook thank you, guys, so much for my stay here, it truly made all the difference in my life and recovery! You taught me that while my birth family was shit, I can build my own family in my new life as “Shay-Nathanael” dahlin’ Red-Door is my family and always will be! I am so grateful to be a part of this community! Charles, you have always been a father figure to me- Thank you for your pertinence, love and even still being that father figure that I reach out to when I need advice! Work-related or not, I thank you sincerely!

Berni, the sweetest auntie I could ever dream up, who taught me so much about processing my trauma!  Alex, is a very wise uncle whom I know I can confide in and get the best advice in the industry. I’m saddened that we never got to reschedule that Zoom meeting. So uh, maybe when you’re free Unc, let me know, and we can schedule something?  Haha Seriously though, I’d really like for you to know the new sober and professional Shay that your program helped me become! 

Mama Monique K. Chambers, angel, well, need I really say more?! YES! I MUST! You taught me the power of me and how to dig deeper to find my true inner voice and listen to it! LOOK MA! I found it! I also learn more and more valuable life lessons from you each time we talk! I love you so very much, beautiful! I hope to always have you in my life! Muah!

Katie Holtz, Dahlin’ My god, I love you! Thank you SO much for the trip to the butterfly conservation! That had a real impact on my soul!

The biggest and probably greatest gain to my new family was my sister Chandler Kirkwood, Chan-Chan,  CHAN-IMAL!! My beautiful, gorgeous, and marvelous love, your light has shone so brightly upon me! Thank you again for the waterfalls! That was literally the first building block of rational thinking during this go-round of treatment! UGH! I am beyond grateful for you and your love!!! BEYOND! You know as well as I do that you’re one of my soulmates! I will forever love you deeply and will miss you sorely when you follow your dream of going to Thailand. However, I’m SO ecstatic for you and it lifts my heart knowing that you are fulfilling a long-standing dream of yours!

Now anyone that truly knows me, knows how much pop culture means to me… As a child, I suffered through 4 years of violent abuse from my older cousin. When he would go on a tangent and begin shooting and pistol-whipping, I would hide in a hole behind the kitchen sink and watch TV Land. Every introduction to all my favorite shows began with “From Studio City California…” Also, from the opening scenes of Full House to the ending scenes of my favorite movie Clueless, when Cher says, “As if! I’m 16, and this is California, not Kentucky”! I ALWAYS knew that my heart and soul belonged in California and that it was my true home. Sadly, I never matured enough to accurately answer the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  due to the abuse of my cousin…

However, I made it here, damn it, and I am THRIVING! Absolutely thriving dahlin’!!!!  I cannot believe that I made it home! My soul is at peace, my heart is abundant with love, and I literally have the best FAMILY ON ALL OF MULHOLLAND!!! The Door saved my life and countless others, I’m sure!

You guys are true visionaries, pioneers, and pure inspiration! I know I could have been a tad dramatic when I was a client, and I apologize for that.

When I first talked to Matt Meakin, I told him exactly what I wanted and where I wanted to be in life and possibly work in recovery and maybe even at his place in a year or so after treatment. Now look, with hard work, dedication, a few setbacks, and LOTS of reflection, I’m here! I am now where I wanted to be when I was in the depths of my addiction! Matt is an absolute Godsend to me! You guys, in conjunction, made me stronger, and I am forever grateful for the treatment I received.

In closing, thank you, I love you, I will always cheerlead for Red Door Life as Red Door Life saved an addicted father from Kentucky and brought him “Home” without even knowing it. I am forever in your debt!  - ST


I found the Virtual IOP/ Telehealth groups to be really supportive and helpful because they allowed me to save time and energy while still getting social support and community. I also loved the aerial dance & pole fitness and Sunday community dinners.

The community is by far the number one tool that helped me in my journey. My disease kept me lonely, isolated and scared. Red Door Life helped me find the light and taught me the skills to stay in it.

Red Door Life let me customize my care and supported me in whatever personal development I wanted to further pursue.

Non-judgment & such compassion is something I never experienced in my life growing up and certainly not during my active addiction. The type of care and support they give each client is indescribable but the results are in the feeling of community they have managed to cultivate with people in recovery genuinely caring about people in recovery.


Red Door Life meets you where you are at and there really is an element of it feeling like home and like family. The follow-through and alumni support and engagement is really helpful. I love that they constantly check in and have client advocates.

RDL doesn't believe in the carwash model that I'd experienced at other treatment facilities. They addressed life's challenges using their model of care, the 12 dimensions. I'd never heard of that before and it helped me think of my life in different ways.

Red Door Life was the first treatment center to partner with me exactly where I am. This place has given me so many reparative experiences that has helped me bring my whole self to personal relationship.

Red Door operates under the ethos of "we don't shoot our wounded" and that's embodied by the way they are able to help those clients, including myself, who have relapsed. Other treatment centers will literally put your belongings in trash bags and leave them in front of the gate for you to collect before they are stolen. Red Door does the opposite. They surround you with love, safety, and support that allowed me to come back from my relapse safely and without shame and continue with the work that I was doing.


Red Door Life is a community of kind and caring people who work together to help those struggling with addiction. But it is so much more. We have been part of this community for several years now and they have become family… but better. We love you Red Door Life!!  - CS

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