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Blake Shields Abramovitz

Mindful Self-Compassion Group Facilitator

I spent my twenties as a sometimes focused, sometimes hard-partying Hollywood actor. Secretly, I was always burning with an unnamed yearning. I wanted to embark on a spiritual journey, I just didn't know how to begin. Then, one summer day, my girlfriend blithely suggested that we attend a ten-day silent meditation retreat. I will always be grateful to her. On that first retreat, I suddenly knew that the journey I'd dreamed of was possible. I became a yogi. I became a meditator.


In yoga, I've trained extensively with Hala Khouri and Julian Walker in their psychology-informed Awakened Heart Embodied Mind training; with Saul David Raye in his devotional Atma Yoga style, and with Sifu Matthew Cohen, Brad Keimach and Jason Frahm. 


I've also attended over thirty silent residential meditation retreats with Dharma teachers George Haas, Shinzen Young, Jack Kornfield, Noah Levine, Wes Nisker and Trudy Goodman. These retreats have ranged in length from a week to a month. After training closely for eight years with George Haas and eventually teaching alongside him, I struck out on my own and developed my own signature course series.

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