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Concierge Recovery Services: Sober Companions

by Red Door Life

At Red Door Life, we understand that the journey to recovery can be challenging, and we're here to offer you personalized support every step of the way. Our sober companion services provide a unique blend of empathy, guidance, and accountability to help you maintain sobriety and thrive in your recovery journey.



A sober companion is a trained professional who helps integrate recovery into one’s lifestyle. Sober companions are valuable during many aspects of the continuum of recovery.  They are vital during early recovery- the transition from residential treatment back to home life, at any point when one is not feeling secure in their ability to remain sober, when one has to engage in their life due to obligations and family and cannot spend time away in a treatment center, when an artist is out on the road (on tour, etc.), or an executive on a high-stress project needing support, when a client is, unfortunately, experiencing a relapse, and also when a person is looking to start an outpatient detox process from one or several substances. To discuss your specific needs and how a sober companion might benefit your life...


Substance abuse injures the circuits of the brain- particularly the executive function. Executive function controls decision-making, the ability to regulate emotions, impulse control, and many of the basic skills needed to manage simple tasks of daily life. This can take many months- or a year, or longer to heal. Partnership with a sober companion helps compensate for this loss of executive function while the client’s brain is healing. They help perform daily tasks, ensure the connection with doctors and therapy professionals is maintained, run basic errands, drive to appointments, and help with decisions and emotional support. They take the excess burden off the client while they are healing and provide safety and support for all aspects of their life. 

To discuss your specific needs and how a sober companion might benefit your life...


  • Anyone transitioning from inpatient care back to home life

  • Those who cannot leave their life and check in for inpatient treatment

  • Those who are not feeling confident in their sobriety and need extra support

  • Those who are going through difficult times in life such as divorce, death of a loved one, legal or career stress

  • Those who are experiencing a relapse and need to stay as safe as possible

  • High-level executives who cannot walk away from their job

  • Artists and talent who are out on tour

  • Anyone who is looking to start an outpatient detox off one or multiple substances

  • Anyone struggling with mental health issues who needs more support

  • Anyone who must maintain their obligations and lifestyle while needing extra support

  • Anyone who would benefit from harm reduction strategies when abstinence is not possible.

To discuss your specific needs and how a sober companion might benefit your life


Red Door Life sober companions are for those needing support to keep walking the road of recovery.


Sober companions available through Red Door Life have many years of experience and training, are trained in CPR, Narcan administration, and are certified as RADT (Registered Alcohol/Drug Technicians).


While we do offer Sober Companions as a stand-alone service, we invite you to benefit from our full proprietary model of care, The 12 Dimensions of Human Health and Wellness. We use Sober Companions as part of the individualized multidisciplinary teams we build to wrap around each client.


Sober companion scheduling is completely flexible and customizable- our companions may work for their client a few hours a day, a few days a week, or physically live or travel with them for a year or longer.


Sober Companionship is tailored to the client's needs and lifestyle.  

To discuss your specific needs and how a sober companion might benefit your life...


Typically when one enters residential substance abuse treatment, there is a degree of isolation- they are separated from their loved ones, friends, routine, obligations, and work. A sober companion reduces this isolation by helping support both sobriety and life engagement. Our sober companions allow someone struggling with substance abuse to still engage in their life- whether it be with their family and children, work obligations, events, or large-scale commitments that include lengthy travel. They help the person be more functional, help them be able to live up to their commitments and their work commitments. Sober companions allow greater flexibility of care so that one can continue participating in their life and handling stressors, but with connection to support and safety. They can help the client remain integrated with their children and family, make it to shoot days, tour dates, and board meetings, or can even help a CEO navigate decisions that need to be made managing their company. They can provide support with legal proceedings or any of life’s challenges that may arise. A sober companion can act like any executive assistant would trying to help the client manage the responsibilities on their plate and ease their burdens.


This increases the efficacy of recovery because unless you integrate recovery into your life and lifestyle, it's not sustainable. What we consistently see at Red Door Life, we see is that sober companions have tremendous value in helping integrate recovery into one’s lifestyle.

To discuss your specific needs and how a sober companion might benefit your life...

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Red Door Life is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to advance models of care based on the latest research, technological advancements, and our team's education and professional experience. At Red Door Life, we provide holistic, individualized services to assist you or your loved one in your recovery journey. Our team has decades of experience in trauma, mental health, substance abuse, and entrepreneurship.

Our model of care relies on empowering the client with a multidisciplinary team that employs peer counselors (companions) to reduce the chances of disconnection from substance use or mental health crises. We personalize our services, don't ask for long-term commitments, and our refund policy considers the unpredictability of the recovery process. We offer a full range of services in our recovery center or another location based on your preferences.

We work with experienced doctors who provide medically assisted detoxification services, trauma and attachment-informed clinicians, and wellness providers who help you integrate your mind, body, and spirit. We provide care with our sober coaches and companions as needed for detoxification and to help combine recovery into your lifestyle. We strive to respond to your needs. The next step is to CONTACT US TODAY!

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