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Rachel Nagelberg

Somatic Writing Group Facilitator

Rachel is a Somatic Trauma Practitioner, PsychoNeuroEnergetics educator and writer. She holds integrative certifications in Somatic Release Technique (SRT), The Points Holding Process & PsychoNeuroEnergetic (PNE) therapeutic modalities from the Somatic Institute in Los Angeles, and an MFA in Creative writing from the University of San Francisco. Her debut novel, The Fifth Wall, was published by Black Sparrow Books in 2017 and was deemed by Chris Kraus in i-D Magazine as “falling within a new and exciting tradition of female philosophical fiction.” 


Rachel incorporates her continued practices of Vedic meditation, studies in non-dualism and entheogenic plant medicine into her facilitation approach, alongside polyvagal regulation techniques taught by Dr. Stanley Rosenberg and his protege, Thor Philipsen, DO & the somatic-based practices of Dr. Peter A. Levine, offering a deeper dual spiritual + scientific component to the development of her clients’ somatic awareness. 

Rachel most recently deepened her training in Transactional Analysis at the Southeast Institute for Group and Family Therapy, and is currently undergoing apprentice training at the Psychedelic Somatic Institute where she is learning to assist clients with complex developmental PTSD in accessing their innate primary consciousness' homeostatic psychobiological resolution.


She is currently developing and running Somatic Writing Groups both inside and outside of the recovery space.


You can read more about Rachel, her private practice, approach and offerings at

Join Rachel's Friday Somatic Writing Group online through Red Door Life

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