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Paul Hancock

Business Development and Outreach

Paul Hancock serves as the Director of Business Development and Outreach at Evergreen Fund, a non-profit organization dedicated to innovative approaches to substance abuse recovery and mental health. With a background marked by personal trials, including homelessness, addiction, and PTSD, Paul found refuge during difficult times camping outside a West Hollywood (WeHo) Starbucks, an experience that continues to shape his empathetic approach to outreach every day.

Paul joined Evergreen Fund at the early stage of the Red Door Life initiative and has been instrumental in establishing key protocols and treatment models that helped shape the organization's overarching vision. Committed to prioritizing client well-being, his approach to the mission has been pivotal in the development and growth of the organization.

His compelling story caught the attention of industry leaders, including the CEO of Starbucks, with whom he held a personal meeting to discuss his transformative journey. This background fuels his ongoing work in building powerful alliances between business leaders and community organizers. Paul's efforts have led to substantial, long-lasting positive impacts, notably in the prevention of overdose incidents and in the advancement of personal recovery from substance abuse and mental health issues.

Now in his 8th year of recovery, Paul's journey has been extraordinary. His dedication to transforming personal challenges into community solutions continues to expand the list of individuals he has personally assisted. Through his work, Paul illustrates the potent combination of resilience and empathy, inspiring both our team and the wider community to new heights.

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