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Gilan Killebrew

Chief Operating Officer

Gilan (Gigi) Killebrew is Chief Operating Officer at Red Door Life. She obtained a B.A. In Global Studies and a B.S. in  Psychology & Brain Sciences  from University of California Santa Barbara. She has helped to develop the Red Door Life Program and continues to be a key player in the development of the team and the resources we provide.


Gigi is from California but has found herself living in Melbourne, Australia while studying Psychology and interning at the Social Footprint Index. She then moved to Thailand and became a certified Yoga Teacher. After this she moved to Geneva, Switzerland to study International Human Rights Law and obtained an internship at the Human Rights Watch NGO. Gigi graduated from UCSB in 2021 and since has moved to LA and started working at Red Door Life.


Since she joined the team Gigi has helped develop our Detox & Residential Program, IOP Telehealth Program, and obtained JCAHO Certification for our Detox & Residential Facility. She has continuously worked in all departments including Business' Development, Marketing, Program Development, Leadership, Human Resources, Compliance and Clinical.

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