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Dr. Joe Hanovnikian

Integrative Medicine Group Facilitator

Dr. Joseph Van Hanovnikian, MD, is dedicated to integrating Ayurvedic principles into his practice, emphasizing a comprehensive understanding of well-being.  Graduating from the University of Illinois College of Medicine in 2014, he honed his skills in internal medicine at USC + LA County Hospital.


With extensive experience in various holistically-minded modalities incorporating mind-body, functional, and plant-based medicines he has collaborated with Dakota and Diné roadmen in supporting individuals on their healing journeys. Driven by a passion for liberating people from prolonged psychotropic medication use, he champions a patient-centered approach.


 Dr. Joe Hanovnikian exemplifies a commitment to merging traditional medical expertise with the transformative potential of plant-based therapies for a holistic and liberating healing experience.


You can read more about Rachel, her private practice, approach, and offerings at

Or his Instagram: @vitalharmonicsmd

Join Dr. Joe's  Thursday Integrative Medicine Group online 3-4 PM PST through Red Door Life.

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