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David Rhodes


David is the Chairman of The Evergreen Fund, a 501c3 charitable organization focused on advancing superior, bespoke, treatment solutions and the CEO US Safeguards, a public benefit company focused on preventing overdose deaths.


David is an American business leader and advisor with a global footprint amassing experience in 156 countries spanning the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, The Americas, China, and The Asia Pacific Rim. Renowned for his ability to conceive and execute successful strategies on a worldwide scale, David's expertise transcends industries and continents.


A former Chairman & CEO in commercial banking, investment banking, and private equity, David is a seasoned expert in steering and advising intricate initiatives. His capabilities encompass a spectrum of areas, including growth strategy and implementation, regional and global business expansion, mergers, acquisitions, and integrations, government initiatives, portfolio company optimization, enterprise transformation, improved efficiency projects, technical and operational projects, new business development, and due diligence.


David has held C-suite and board roles in financial institutions and managed private equity portfolio companies across diverse sectors including healthcare, hospitality, energy, and infrastructure. In the Middle East and North Africa, David oversaw 117 financial service companies in 22 countries. He served as Chairman of the investment committee and directed the family office for the Al Sabah Family, the ruling family of Kuwait, during his tenure with KIPCO.


David holds an MBA from The Johnson School at Cornell University and a BA in Economics from The University of Rochester.


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