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Chandler Kirkwood

Events Director

Chandler is a Recovery Partner, and the Events Director at Red Door Life. Working in entertainment for over a decade, her experiences in Hollywood have given her an inside look at the ultimate occasions. As an LA native, her knowledge of a variety of unique activities, contributes to our clients mental, and physical health, and well being on a daily basis. 


Learning from her own experience in sobriety, the importance of learning how to have fun in early sobriety is of the utmost importance to achieve a fulfilling life on the other side.  This is what makes RD stand out from other facilities by weekly outings for our clients which include Top Golf, concerts, weekly workout classes, and much more. 


Chandler is currently enrolled in Sober College to achieve her CADAC so that one day soon she can be both a Client Advocate/Facilitator and Events Director at Red Door, showcasing the necessary internal, and external self love journey.

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