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Cloudhq to the Rescue

Thank you, Cloudhq for helping me keep connected!

Cloudhq helps me keep all our community members informed about our groups. We found that our members chose to be reminded of our activities by text over email. We looked for various applications that do group SMS, and Cloudhq had the best balance of features and price.

In addition, to be able to send SMS we got all these other applications. We use Google Workspace at our organization Gmail; CloudHQ offers powerful email management and marketing tools. We can save email attachments directly to Google Drive, and we can convert your emails into PDFs.

Another Cloudhq application we use all the time is exporting emails to Google Sheets. Once we get the emails into Google Sheets we can search, sort, and filter the emails. At first, I didn’t think emails in Google Sheets would make such a huge difference. Once I experienced all the advantages, I stopped turning my emails into PDFs and convert them to Google Sheets.

I have so many emails that I needed to learn to use labels more effectively. Labels allow me to categorize my emails based on various criteria, such as project names, client names, or urgency levels. This helps me keep my inbox organized and sorted. With labels, I can color-code, which allows me to visually distinguish between different types of emails quickly. I’ve set up filters in Gmail to automatically label incoming emails based on criteria. For instance, all my emails from a specific client are automatically labeled under that client's name.

CloudHQ is a comprehensive solution that helps our marketing team members build emails and sms lists. It uses a program called Mail King that's included with our Premium subscription. We have three user licenses for less than most application companies charge for a single user.

CloudHQ offers automated backup solutions that keep my data safe. I got a chance to see it work when I accidentally deleted some important emails from a client. With CloudHQ, my stuff is always protected. I can rest easy!

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