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Kane Clamage

Director of Outpatient Services

Kane Clamage has spent the past few years working with Polymaths and profoundly gifted individuals. During this time, she grew an online community by over 100% in less than two years; with a focused approach in customer discovery, and by creating a safe and inviting environment for people to share. 

“Working with the highly gifted and learning about their strengths and struggles, provided a broad reach and depth of understanding into the human psyche, and the individual needs each person has. People tend to hear the word ‘genius’ and think, ‘they must have it easy’ but in my experience - intelligence does not dictate whole human health and well-being. We are all just passengers on Spaceship Earth, and everyone could use a little perspective once in a while.”

Having worked with Polymaths - the people who do a little bit of everything - afforded Kane the opportunity to expand her skillset beyond her background in personal management, marketing, personal development, branding and ideation, and dive deep into the world of trauma, attachment styles, B-cluster personality types, cPTSD/PTSD, ADD/ADHD, neurodivergence and personality traits. 

“Polymaths are exceptional human beings. But even exceptional people, still require a custom approach to treating their mental and emotional well-being. Red Door’s multidisciplinary approach and custom treatment plan for each client, made me excited and humbled to join this exceptional team. I look forward to helping expand the Telehealth services we offer and provide an opportunity for all people, to receive the best possible services in the areas they seek.”

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